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About LandFleisch:

Country life – a good idea prevails “naturally”. LandFleisch offers your four-legged friends a taste experience close to nature. Here we attach particular importance to the origin of the raw materials. Our range of products combines nutritional-physiological expertise and production processes that are gentle on raw materials with the best that Mother Nature has to offer. We offer pet owners feed of the highest quality at affordable prices.

All advantages at a glance


  • Quality “Made in Germany” – regional production
  • sustainable production through the location Germany
  • short production routes – verifiable reduction of CO² emissions
  • no animal testing
  • resource-conserving production processes
  • without artificial colours and preservatives
  • without flavour enhancers

Raw materials

  • high-quality proteins & fats
  • no moulded meat


  • close to nature, natural, sustainable
  • highly visible components and attractive appearance
  • high meat contents
  • outstanding acceptance
  • natural cuisine from the country
  • Special products also for nutritionally sensitive dogs

Our product variety

LandFleisch Dog

  • with LandFleisch mit Frischgemüse, we have developed a food that is specially designed for the organisms of growing and adult dogs and is ideally suited for feeding into old age
  • in order to be able to provide dogs that require a feed with a lower crude protein and crude fat content with a top-quality feed, we have developed the two “extra lean” varieties of poultry with rice and beef with rice. Carbohydrates from rice and a balanced supply of raw fibre ensure a healthy utilisation and digestion


  • Sensitive: meat strips for nutritionally sensitive dogs
  • Popcorn: The natural snack made from gluten-free natural rice with less than 1% fat


  • Feed supplement for mixing with wet feed

LandFleisch Hypoallergen

  • Every day the number of dogs suffering from food allergies increases. That is why we have developed the product line Hypoallergen, a complete feed for highly sensitive dogs. These are monoprotein products, so you can be 100% sure that only the one type of meat that is advertised is in the feed

LandFleisch Wolf

  • Do you still need it or do you already want it? Meat like home-cooked – only more varied. Biologically species-appropriate Proper feeding. This is what the term BARF stands for. LandFleisch offers this form of feeding by means of a concept of complete nutrition from single feeds. The concept consists of the following three components:
  • LandFleisch Wolf wet food
  • LandFleisch Wolf fruit, vegetables and herb pesto
  • LandFleisch Wolf vitamin and mineral mix
  • Landfleisch WOLF contains pure, coarsely cut meat of only one type of animal, from animals from supervised German slaughter in the varied mix of the prey animal. It corresponds in an excellent way to the natural feeding habits of the “original dog” wolf. The fat heel and leaked water, symbols of the naturalness of the meat, are the most important features of the meat.
  • Our LandFleisch Wolf promise:
    • without any colorants and preservatives
    • without vitamins and minerals
    • without gelling agent
    • without cereals, vegetables & soya products
    •  GMO – free
LandFleisch Softbrocken
  • LandFleisch Softbrocken is a cereal-free, semi-moist food that many dogs love! This is ensured by high-quality raw materials, a high proportion of fresh meat and state-of-the-art production methods. The varieties horse and duck are monoprotein products
LandFleisch kaltgepresst
  • The grain-free dog food from LandFleisch is characterised by its healthy recipe based on nature and fresh meat from chicken, turkey, beef and herring. The elaborate production process “cold pressed” at low temperatures, preserves the processed ingredients in an ideal way and thus contributes to a tasty and vital substance-rich complete dog food
LandFleisch Sensible
  • LandFleisch based on insect protein is the alternative for feed intolerances, because it is hypoallergenic, a monoprotein (insects) and cereal-free. Insect protein is excellent for hypoallergenic dogs and is currently the alternative on the market! The use of insects protects the environment: less greenhouse gases, less soil pollution, smaller water footprint, less agricultural land required, more efficient feed conversion.
    Insects provide high-quality proteins (comparable protein content to meat), valuable fatty acids and minerals (rich in iron, zinc and calcium). They offer a good alternative to meat. Insects provide high levels of unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).
    No antibiotics are used in insect production.
LandFleisch Cat
  • As much as we like our little furry noses – to meet their taste is not always so easy. And just because they are so choosy, it is even more important to provide them with high quality, tasty and needs-based food.
  • We offer some, partly new, varied varieties in fresh design
  • The products “Made in Germany” score with fresh meat from certified suppliers and high-quality proteins. With an open declaration LandFleisch Katze offers absolute transparency

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