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About Hofgut Breitenberg:

Rural naturalness, reliability and originality – made in Germany:
This is what the premium food for dogs and cats from Hofgut Breitenberg stands for.

Harmony of humans, pets and nature

The Breitenberg in the western Thuringian Forest stands for a natural, unspoilt landscape. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rennsteig, which is very popular with nature lovers. For centuries, agriculture and forestry, among other things, shaped life around the Breitenberg. In this idyllic location in the midst of meadows and forests, passionate pet owners have developed a high-quality premium food for dogs and cats that combines all this; the harmony of man, pet and nature, the best ingredients and natural raw materials as well as an attitude to life based on tradition.

Hofgut Breitenberg – this name stands for the best ingredients from nature, the awareness of regional origin and quality from German lands. Discover Hofgut Breitenberg. You will see the difference and your animal darling will taste it.

Trust us out of love for your dog

Hofgut Breitenberg is a premium wet food for dogs of all ages. The cereal-free complete feed contains a high proportion of muscle meat and offal.

The chunky consistency makes the ingredients easily visible. For the support of intestinal health it is enriched with easily digestible vegetables, herbs and oils. There are no flavourings, colourings, preservatives, added sugar or attractants.

The 100% claim also guarantees that only the animal proteins listed on the label are contained.

Hofgut Breitenberg is available in nine varied varieties (including two each for junior and senior dogs) in 400 g.

Trust us out of love for your cat

Hofgut Breitenberg offers cat food where you can easily identify the individual, natural and high-quality ingredients. Here you can already see on the tin what high quality and extraordinary consistency your cat expects. The completely new, natural feeding concept:

  • Only complete feed of its kind
  •  Fine German home cooking gently prepared
  •  Full of important nutrients through a high content of selected meat and healthy vegetables
  • Rounded off with valuable salmon oil, as a natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • Valuable vitamin A from fresh liver
  • Additional taurine to support vision and heart function
  • With increased broth content for lovers of sauces and soups
  • Excellent: The users of the recommendation marketing portal FutterTester.de have rated Hofgut Breitenberg Katzenfutter in a large-scale test with a “very good”.

Hofgut Breitenberg is available in seven tasty, exquisite varieties in 180 g.

Hofgut Breitenberg – an excellent product

Two Hofgut Breitenberg products were also awarded a “very good” by neutral testers at the already established test portal FutterTester.de. The cat wet food from Hofgut Breitenberg was rated by the FutterTester with 8.9 out of ten stars and was particularly convincing with its pleasant smell and natural appearance. The wet dog food “turkey and beef pot” received 9.2 out of ten stars. The feed testers rated the recipe and acceptance in particular positively.

True home cooking – “Made in Germany”

The production takes place in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The individual varieties are characterized by a very high quality of the ingredients.

Animal proteins, carbohydrates and fats are finely tuned to each other and complement each other in an ideal way for a species-appropriate diet. The complete feed contains only the highest quality raw materials in food quality from regional German cultivation and Europe.

Hofgut Breitenberg offers the possibility to be fed from young dogs to senior dogs, as well as from kittens to senior cats for a lifetime.

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