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About ARION:

ARION offers premium dog and cat food, which is intended to promote the well-being of four-legged friends. ARION’s high-quality pet food includes specific and tailor-made nutritional products that ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. The hand-picked selection of high-quality premium products is based on 25 years of experience of the producer.

In cooperation with research teams, a nutritional programme has been developed that is tailored to the individual needs of our animal companions. ARION’s products are subject to quality control. Each raw material is analysed to ensure the best physical and microbiological quality and the correct nutrient content.

A complete nutrition programme for every phase of your dog’s life

Dogs go through different phases of life in which the needs of the four-legged friend change over time. Puppies and young dogs need the right amount of nutrients to ensure healthy growth and proper weight and skeletal development. Dog food for puppies and young dogs therefore contains the nutrients and the appropriate energy supply that your four-legged friend needs during this phase of life.

With approximately one year the dog is fully grown. The exact time of adulthood varies according to size and breed. For large breeds, the final weight is reached at 18 months. When the four-legged friend is fully grown, you should switch from junior food to food for adult dogs. As the pelt-nose is no longer in growth, it now requires less energy and minerals.

From when your dog belongs to the senior group depends, among other things, on its size. Smaller four-legged friends belong to the older dogs from about the age of eight years, larger pelt-noses already from the sixth year. The senior dog now needs a higher quality and more easily digestible food, as his metabolism works much more slowly. He is also less active.

ARION offers a complete nutrition programme for every phase of life and special needs of your dog.

A complete nutrition programme for every phase of your cat’s life

Your cat goes through different phases of life in which its nutritional needs change. Adolescent kittens have different needs than adult cats. In the growth phase, the cat’s body needs different amounts of nutrients and more energy. Accordingly, kitten food should be fed, otherwise deficiency symptoms may occur.

Adult cats – between the ages of one and seven – should be fed high-quality animal proteins. This is the only way to cover the vital requirement of amino acids. In addition, there are feeds for cats with special needs, for example after a castration.

Between the ages of seven and ten, your cat is a senior citizen. The metabolism slows down and the cat becomes calmer. Therefore, senior cats should be fed a low-fat food that contains high-quality and easily digestible proteins to relieve the intestines.

For your cat, ARION offers a complete nutrition programme for every phase of life and special needs.

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