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About Amora:

Under the popular specialist retail brand Amora there is a wet food range for dogs and cats, as well as unique cat litter varieties.

All Amora dog foods are produced without any artificial additives such as colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Only high-quality meat qualities and no meat meal are used for Amora dog food. Most Amora dog foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals according to nutritional principles to ensure a sufficient supply of these substances. This assortment is available in different varieties, which differ both in the protein source and the other ingredients. There are also particularly pure varieties with reduced ingredients for sensitive dogs of all ages.

The Sensitive Doses are characterised in their composition by the fact that only raw materials with optimal digestibility are used. Also for the cereal-free feeding, varieties from different meat sources are offered, so that there is enough variety in the feeding bowl.

AMORA dog food

  • Pure meat
  • Only high-quality meat and meat by-products are processed. No preservatives, no attractants, no sugar, no flavourings. Pure meat tins for mixing.
  • German production – without pork
  • Sensitive
  • AMORA Sensitive is a particularly well-balanced complete food made exclusively from pieces of meat and offal. AMORA Sensitive contains no amora, colourings or preservatives. AMORA Sensitive is very well tolerated and highly digestible due to its first-class raw materials. – Manufactured in Germany.
  • Monoprotein & Grain Free. Well suited for feed allergies. Without added sugar.

AMORA cat food

  • Amora meat pure cat food is a high-quality complete food, which is produced exclusively from meat pieces and offal. Amora pure meat contains a particularly high amount of animal protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Naturally, Amora pure meat contains no flavourings, colourings or preservatives and no sugar.
  • German production – without pork

AMORA cat litter

Amora Compact White is a very fine clumping litter made of high-quality white natural clay. The grains are extremely absorbent and form small, flat, firm clumps when used, which can be easily removed with a shovel.

So Amora Compact White only needs to be refilled and odours cannot develop in the first place.

Advantages of Amora Compact White cat litter:

  • Low dust particle size
  • Super economical due to firm lumps and extreme suction power
  • Optimal odour absorption
  • Asbestos-free natural product

Amora White is available with a fine baby powder scent, with aloe vera, with pine scent or without scents

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